Shane Roybal Discusses the Changes in the World of Telecommunications

Shane Roybal

December 7, 2020

Shane Roybal

Covid-19 Urges New Innovations in the World of Telecom, Shane Roybal Is Here To Review these Developments

Apart from the healthcare industry, perhaps one of the unsuspecting yet most impacted industries amidst the current pandemic is telecom and Shane Roybal has had a front-row seat, watching these developments unfold. A number of organizations require more options than the current telecom monopolies are able to deliver to these various geographic areas. For these reasons, changes are being forced in this industry. Shane Roybal is spearheading some of these changes by providing services and options that the telecommunications industry has been lacking.

Shane Roybal Highlights the Growing Importance of Fast Internet Access

As an expert in the field of IT and telecom, Shane Roybal recognizes the critical importance of fast internet speeds, not only in commercial sectors but in our everyday lives. There are so many devices that are connected to the internet today — all requiring fast and reliable connections. Desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, and so on. Shane Roybal is advising organizations of alternative options for internet access, one of these options being fiber connectivity over traditional broadband, which in many ways is a significant improvement in service reliability.

Shane Roybal Discusses the Impacts of the Pandemic on Global Telecom Companies

It goes without saying, many of the reasons for the demand for innovation in the telecommunications industry is due to the current pandemic and the technological demands placed on our cities, homes, and businesses. Internet speeds, service reliability, and cybersecurity have settled at the forefront in the list of growing concerns for telecom innovation, according to Shane Roybal. With shelter-at-home mandates, the pandemic has forced many people to work from home in addition to a significant number of children partaking in at-home learning. As a result, there are more demands placed on the average internet connection, which Shane Roybal believes will force these service providers to adapt by introducing more robust home-based solutions.

Shane Roybal Reviews the Growing Impact of the Streaming Wars on the Telecommunications Sector

Finally, it is also important to talk about the impact that the streaming wars are going to have on the world of telecommunications. Shane Roybal has already seen the impact that the streaming wars are having. Because so many companies have a virtual monopoly on their markets, Shane Roybal knows that many people are looking for ways to cut the cable. With the growth of Disney +, Hulu, Netflix, and Apple TV, and more, it will be interesting to see how the traditional cable companies respond. They run the risk of losing their customers to faster internet connections that are able to handle streaming with fewer commercials.