Shane Richard Roybal Discusses the Growth of IT Infrastructure

Shane Roybal

October 15, 2020

Shane Richard Roybal

Most businesses today cannot imagine keeping their operations up and running without having a reliable internet connection. With so many companies using distributed data networks and systems to handle their daily operations, having strong IT equipment and infrastructure has become essential. Of course, how businesses go about meeting these needs can vary significantly from company to company. This is where Shane Richard Roybal, an industry expert, is here to discuss some of the major shifts, changes, and options when it comes to [managing] IT infrastructure.

Shane Roybal Discusses Managed IT and Cloud Services for IT Infrastructure

Shane Richard Roybal knows that the cloud has become a major IT platform during the past few years. At the same time, it can be hard for the average business to keep up with these developments. This is where managed service providers can help. According to Shane Richard Roybal, managed service providers are responsible for managing IT infrastructure which allows small business owners to focus on running their business. Now, managed service providers can manage the whole office, which includes desktops, VoIP systems, network, cloud, data centers, and more. Using the cloud, small companies are able to compete with larger ones because they can simply subscribe to this service instead of having to set it up at their own office. This eliminates the need for large CAPEX (capital expenditures) allocations and allows the infrastructure to be immediately employed in multiple geographic locations.

Shane Richard Roybal Discusses the Growth of Networking Services

Another way to address IT infrastructure requirements is through network services. According to Shane Richard Roybal, all organizations have a blend of public and private network solutions included in their IT infrastructure. Private infrastructures are used by organizations that need to keep mission-critical information both private and secure on their own systems. Public networking systems over the internet are more relaxed and flexible. Now more complex than ever, moving from centralized to a distributed architecture, requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth to support cloud-based applications. According to Shane Richard Roybal, network services can be used to help companies meet these needs.

Shane Richard Roybal Discusses the Growth of Data Centers and Colocation

One of the major shifts that have recently taken place, according to Shane Richard Roybal, is the growth of data centers and colocation. In this setup, small businesses purchase space and power in larger data centers. This has grown significantly because the data center is no longer just a place to store data. Now, the data center is the center of networking and technology. According to Shane Richard Roybal, this is where the internet happens. As this trend continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how businesses adapt to keep pace with the changes in technology.